1200 Warriors

1200 Warriors

1200 Warriors is made up of DJ Choco AKA G-dubs and
Junior Rivero AKA Rivero. After 20+ years of friendship and a couple of
collaboration projects. These two are teaming up to bring you

With influences from the streets and straight from their roots.
They bring a new era of music. A mixture of some hard house,
disco and dance, with a touch of funk, soul and hip hop.

Never the less, these two also have there solo career’s as dj's ,
remixers and producers. For many years Choco has been the main
engineer for the WU-TANG CLAN and well as having success house
hits as "New Day" on 4th Floor Records and 95 south's "Sunday Shouting"
b-boy shouting remix on Defected Records.

Rivero started out as a local dj, which got him into editing, remixing
and producing. Now being dragged out from behind the scene's, they
have their smash on Defected Records titled "Gangsta House" featuring
the legend KRS ONE, on the Jazzy Jeff Compilation which is re-released
on SLAAG TRAAX. They also have a EP on OOMPH RECORDINGS titled
Round One, with Round two droping soon and also having projects
in the works with Michelle Weeks, Ky-Mani Marley , and Craig Mitchell

These two guys are making their mark dropping some serious music!!